Former DoJ officials slam Hans von Spakovsky.

Tomorrow, the Senate Rules Committee will hold a confirmation hearing on Bush’s FEC nominee Hans von Spakovsky, who formerly was a controversial appointee in the DoJ’s Civil Rights Division. Today, six former Justice Department career professionals wrote a letter urging the committee to reject von Spakovsky:

The matter which best demonstrates Mr. von Spakovsky’s inappropriate behavior was his supervision of the review of a Georgia voter ID law in the summer of 2005. It demonstrates the unprecedented intrusion of partisan political factors into decision-making, the cavalier treatment of established Section 5 precedent of the Voting Section, and the unwarranted and vindictive retaliation against Voting Section personnel who disagreed with him on this matter. […]

We urge you to explore Mr. von Spakovsky’s role in this unfortunate endeavor and refuse to reward him for this dubious stewardship.

Read the full letter from DoJ officials HERE.