House Judiciary Committee subpoenas RNC documents.

Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), issued a
subpoena for RNC documents as part of ongoing congressional investigations into U.S. attorney purge. Statement from Conyers:

The White House has been stonewalling this investigation at every turn. We attempted to negotiate terms with the RNC as well as the White House to secure these documents. Yet again, the White House has stepped in to prevent the RNC from turning them over. So, we hope that the RNC – unlike Ms. Miers yesterday – will choose to comply with the legal obligation set out in this subpoena, as opposed to the opinion of the White House.

Also today, Conyers “wrote a follow up letter to Harriet Miers’ attorney informing him that her claims of immunity and privilege had been rejected,” and “could subject her to contempt proceedings.”