Google’s neocon publicist.

Valleywag points out that Google’s spokesman, Australian Rob Shilkin, penned several pieces four years ago praising the Iraq war. From a June 20, 2003 article:

rob_shilkin.jpgYet the members of Australia’s anti-war brigade still refuse to accept that this has all happened. Ever since the fall of Baghdad, they have been bitterly carping from the sidelines. The current furore over Iraq’s “missing” weapons of mass-destruction is the latest effort from among their ranks.

This particular issue has been dressed up as a debate on flawed intelligence reports. But no one could sensibly assert that the West fabricated Saddam’s WMD ambitions.

Valleywag adds, “Google, more than ever, needs brassy PR people who aren’t afraid to assert boldly that black is white, ignorance is freedom, and evil is good.”