Chappelle: ‘Ill take Tony Snows job.’

At the White House this morning, CNN correspondent Ed Henry “noticed a small group of Secret Service officers gathered around a man with a black backpack.” As he moved closer to the scene, Henry realized who was causing all the commotion, Dave Chappelle:

davechappelle1.gif Since Chappelle made international headlines in 2005 by essentially disappearing for awhile under strange circumstances — and walking away from a $50 million deal to continue his show on Comedy Central — I asked what he’s doing next.

“I want your job,” he said, explaining that it’s fun to watch reporters go back-and-forth with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.

“Or maybe I’ll take Tony Snow’s job,” Chappelle smiled. “I think that’s a cool job.”

Neither Tony nor I get $50 million. But we both have great jobs — plus you never know who you’ll run into next around here.