JetBlue caves to right-wing pressure.

After being subjected to a smear campaign by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for its in-kind donation to the upcoming YearlyKos convention, JetBlue has asked the YearlyKos organizers to remove its name from the convention’s website. O’Reilly celebrated the move on his show last night. Watch it:

According to Kos diarist Pontificator, “Last night, a representative of JetBlue told us that we could keep their logo on the frontpage of the YearlyKos website, so long as we made it clear that it was an ‘in-kind’ donation. They told us we could announce that fact. Today, they went back on their word. The representative from JetBlue says the CEO ordered him to tell us to remove the logo.” The JetBlue logo is no longer on the YearlyKos home page.

UPDATE: Pontificator’s post appears to have been taken down. Markos has the story.