The hateful commenters on O’Reilly’s website.

After attacking DailyKos for a few extreme comments, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly defended his cherry-picked attack, saying, “I have my own website. Open forum is bull. You can regulate what’s on your website.” Today, Kos responded with a sampling of the hateful comments on O’Reilly’s website:

Posted By: Monty (2615 posts) 11 Jul 2007 – 5:27 PM PT
Reply: RE: The O’Reilly Factor (Wed 07/11) – The culture war goes to the ballpark, Should we be worried about terrorism?, Drugs, cheating and sports, more…

I have been to many ballgames and I never saw heterosexuals slobbering over each other all over the place. There might be a few who do it, but it was obvious that the homosexuals were doing what they always do when they have a stage and that is flaunt their fagginess to an “in your face extreme”.

Posted By: MadDog (961 posts) 21 Jul 2007 – 7:34 PM PT
Reply: RE: Future San Francisco Disasters

Get out or perish with the sodomites

Either O’Reilly’s not regulating his website as he says or he simply doesn’t consider hoping for the destruction of an American city to be an example of hateful speech.