A SiCKO moment in the debate.

Democratic presidential candidates fielded questions from audience members with powerful stories during Tuesday’s AFL-CIO forum. The questioners included the wife of a Sago mine victim and an Iraq war veteran. But the most compelling moment of the debate may have come when a gentleman from Indiana rose with tears in his eyes to ask this question:

QUESTION: After 34 years with LTV Steel I was forced to retire because of a disability. Two years later, LTV filed bankruptcy. I lost a third of my pension and my family lost their health care.

Every day of my life I sit at the kitchen table across from the woman who devoted 36 years of her life to my family and I can’t afford to pay for her health care. What’s wrong with America and what will you do to change it?

Watch it:

Chris Matthews remarked, “I wonder if that wasn’t a moment that’s gonna change American political history.”