The ethics of Philip Zelikow (updated).

Blogger Glenn Greenwald noted that Republican lobbyist Philip Zelikow had been making TV appearances calling for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s ouster without disclosing the fact that he was being paid by Iyad Allawi to lobby for Maliki’s removal. Today, ABC News released a statement stating the Zelikow had not informed them of his conflict of interest. ABC acknowledged that Zelikow’s appearances were “sullied by the fact that he did not disclose his relationship with Barbour Griffith & Rogers.”

UPDATE: Greenwald also notes that Zelikow has been retained to do consulting work for the Bush administration specifically on Iraq policy.

UPDATE II: Laura Rozen, who studied under Zelikow, contacted him and received this assurance: “Zelikow, a former counselor to Secretary of State Rice, says he did not know about the Allawi contract with BGR at the time of the ABC interview, and did not learn of it until he started getting called by the media about it two days afterwards.”