Bush’s hope for successor: ‘stay longer’ in Iraq.

In Robert Draper’s book on the Bush presidency, “Dead Certain,” Bush says the goal of his Iraq strategy is to play it out until “October-November.” That is when he hopes the Iraq troop increase will finally show enough results to help him achieve the central goal of his remaining time in office: “To get us in a position where the presidential candidates will be comfortable about sustaining a presence,” and, he said later, “stay longer.”

UPDATE: Some other highlights from the Draper book:

— Karl Rove told Bush he should not tap Cheney for Vice President
— Bush hopes to make a lot of cash delivering speeches after his presidency is over… while running a “fantastic Freedom Institute
— Bush “can’t remember” one of the biggest mistakes in post-war Iraq: disbanding the Iraqi army
— The White House staff, including Dan Bartlett and Karl Rove, were “constantly at war” with one another
— Bush cries a lot

UPDATE II: Carpetbagger highlights a few other interesting portions from Draper’s book.