O’Hanlon: ‘I Could Easily See Myself Changing Camps’ On Iraq ‘In The Next Six To Nine Months’

At a Brookings Institution event today, Iraq war proponent Michael O’Hanlon expressed his support for President Bush’s call to extend the escalation, but he claimed he could only support the strategy “for another six to nine months”:

If you think there’s hope [in Iraq], there’s a very powerful argument in favor of trying to see what we can build on, what battle field successes at least we may have had this summer or this year so far. … But I think this is a very complex subject and could easily see myself changing camps in the next six to nine months.

Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/09/ohanloncamps.320.240.flv]

Isolated within his own community due to his obsessive flacking for Bush, O’Hanlon has no credibility in making predictions. Some lowlights:

March 2003: “Here’s why things are going well and why they will soon go even better.”

May 2004: “Set a date to pull out.”

November 2005: “[T]he military appears as confident as ever of ultimate victory.”

December 2006: “Give it six more months or so, maybe nine more months.”

March 2007: “There are good reasons to give the war effort, now almost four years old, another six to nine months before concluding that the current strategy should be discarded.”

O’Hanlon’s moment of accountability is always six months away.