ThinkProgress Introduces New Comments System

ThinkProgress is elated to announce important, new changes to our comments section, including comments registration.

As frequent visitors of this blog are well aware, the feedback in the comments section often fails to adhere to our Terms of Use. Our new comments system will more strictly enforce these guidelines. Here are the new features you need to be aware of:

1) Comments registration: Beginning today, you must register in order to comment on ThinkProgress.

2) Recommend comments: Once you are logged on in the comments section, you will see a green thumbs-up icon next to each comment. Registered users will now be allowed to vote up comments that they like by clicking on the icon.

3) View top rated comments: You will now be able to view comments by their ratings. At the top of the comments section for each blog post, you will see a link to sort comments by “top rated” or by “date.”

4) Report abuse: Next to each comment, registered users will see a red flag icon. If you notice a comment that does not adhere to our Terms of Use, simply click on this icon. If a sufficient number of registered commenters flag a comment, it will be removed from the comments section and placed in a moderation queue. We will then determine whether to permanently delete the comment or republish it.

You can register either through the comments section or by clicking on “register” at the top right hand side of the sidebar.

If you encounter any problems registering, please let us know. And tell us what you think about the new comments system in our new comments section!

UPDATE: We’ve encountered some early problems and have taken down registration for the time being.

UPDATE II: Problems should be fixed, and you should be able to register. Please contact us if you encounter issues.