Anti-Immigration Hate Group Intent On Denying Green Card For Soldiers’ Spouses

Eduardo Gonzalez is preparing to deploy for his third tour of duty with the U.S. Navy in November. He will serve aboard the U.S.S. Harry Truman in the Persian Gulf. As he faces deployment, Gonzalez is not focused on his own safety, as most would be, but rather on the safety of his wife (who is not a U.S. citizen) and child, who face “deportation to Guatemala.”

Gonzalez described his feelings on the situation:

Defending the country that’s trying to kick my family out, goes through my mind. … This is the type of situation that the government doesn’t really get to see. They’re tearing families apart. And it hurts. It hurts a lot.

Watch CNN’s report on the story:

Despite Gonzalez’s service to the nation, anti-immigration hate groups are rallying to deport Mildred Gonzalez. Mark Krikorian, who heads the the Center for Immigration Studies, a radical group that opposes immigration, offered this heartless assessment of the situation:

What you’re talking about is amnesty for illegal immigrants who have a relative in the armed forces, and that’s just outrageous. What we’re talking about here is letting lawbreakers get away with their actions just because they have a relative in the military. … There’s no justification for that kind of policy.

The Center for Immigration Studies was founded by John Tanton. “Most Americans have never heard of John Tanton because he operates behind the scenes, but he is the founder and/or early funder of almost every national anti-immigrant organization in the country, including at least a dozen groups” that promote a racist ideology.

The right-wing is more than happy to send Gonzales off to fight in Iraq, but can’t see beyond their hate to reciprocate his patriotic service by granting his wife legal residence.