Iraq vet responds to Rush’s ‘suicide bomber’ analogy.

Brian McGough, the Iraq war veteran who was compared by Rush Limbaugh to a suicide bomber, appeared on MSNBC’s Countdown tonight. Limbaugh implied McGough could not think for himself, claiming liberal groups “had strapped ‘lies to his belt, sending him out via the media in a TV ad to walk into as many people as he can walk into.'” Sticking by his criticisms of Limbaugh, McGough said tonight that Rush’s comments were “disgusting.” “It makes me mad down to a place that I can’t even think to describe. It’s repugnant,” he said. At the conclusion of the interview, McGough offered this challenge to Limbaugh:

I’d really like to say and to reiterate what I’ve said before: Ask me or any other members of VoteVets.org to come on your program and talk to you and tell you how we feel. Don’t just talk bad about us, and when we say ‘hey, that’s not right,’ try to talk bad about us again. And think before you open your mouth.

Watch it:

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