Rep. Murphy on smear of Graeme Frost.

CNN and the right wing have tried to argue that the Democrats poorly “vetted” the selection of Graeme Frost as the face of the SCHIP program. Speaking on the House floor last night, Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said the Frost family was chosen specifically because their problems are the problems of many lower-income American families:

[The Frost family is] not living in destitute poverty, but they’re playing by the rules, doing everything that we ask them to do, paying their taxes and contributing to society. […] And so this is the kind of family that we’re talking about. A family that’s done everything we’ve asked. A family that’s getting by, but because their son has an injury that excludes him from most private insurance, he has no other recourse than the SCHIP program, a stop gap solution until the family can try to find some insurance program that will cover them.

Referring to the right-wing smear campaign, Murphy said, “It’s pretty indicative of how low the other side is prepared to go to try to undermine children’s health care.” Watch it: