Bush: ‘I don’t remember what I was doing in 1981.’

In an attempt to decipher President Bush’s views on the recent Israeli airstrike inside Syria, NBC White House correspondent David Gregory asked the president at a press conference this morning whether he agreed with Israel’s decision to bomb the Osirak nuclear facility near Baghdad in 1981. Bush responded:

Ah, Dave, you know I don’t remember what I was doing in 1981. I was living in Midland, Texas. I don’t remember my reaction that far back.

Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/10/bushin81.320.240.flv]

To refresh Bush’s memory, in 1981, his twin daughters Barbara and Jenna were born. His father was vice president of the United States. And Bush was struggling as the head of a failing oil exploration company called Arbusto. The Washington Post reports:

Arbusto’s balance sheets showed that at the end of 1981, it had little more than $48,000 in the bank and more than half of all its assets consisted of “accounts receivable,” money owed to it by others. At the same time, the company owed almost $300,000 in bank loans and close to $120,000 to other creditors.

At that time, Bush received an infusion of cash from a number of sources, including from longtime friend James R. Bath who was handling the finances for the bin Laden family.

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