Hewitt’s ideological double standard for journalists.

During an interview with Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz, right wing radio host Hugh Hewitt attacked the objectivity of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Tim Russert, saying the “clowns” have “damaged” NBC “ideologically” because they “worked for two Democratic politicians close to twenty years ago.” Later in the interview, however, Hewitt struck a very different tone when discussing Diane Sawyer’s past employment for Richard Nixon:

I thought you were going to answer Diane Sawyer, because look, I know she knows what she’s talking about, largely because I took over her office at Casa Pacifica when she left the Nixon staff, and I joined the Nixon staff. […]

And you don’t spend years with Nixon at Casa Pacifica and not pick up how the world works, and how great minds think. My question is, I think she would dominate the news. I think she would be an extraordinary anchor in the form of Peter Jennings.