‘Brownie’ available to talk about wildfire response.

Former FEMA director Michael Brown, who mismanaged the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina, released a press release yesterday stating he is “available for interviews” on the wildfires and even drew a parallel between the current situation and Katrina:

Mr. Brown can speak to the turmoil being caused by the California wildfires as well as to some of the new processes in disaster relief efforts that will help to restore California communities. He can offer advice to residents and businesses on proper relief and recovery efforts and provide suggestions for future disaster preparedness. […]

Currently, the brush fires are affecting hundreds of local businesses and have forced more than 500,000 people out of their homes. Of these 500,000 people, an estimated 10,000 of them have taken shelter at the local NFL stadium, Qualcomm, vaguely reminiscent of circumstances of Hurricane Katrina evacuees two years ago.

Brown, currently director of corporate strategy for a disaster recovery services firm, infamously ignored warnings of people dying at the Superdome to spend more time eating in a restaurant.

UPDATE: The New York Daily News takes Brown up on his offer.