Scientists denounce White House censoring.

Scientists and public and environmental health experts today “overwhelmingly denounced” the White House’s editing of CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding’s congressional testimony on global warming. They called the edits “frustrating,” “terrible” and “appalling,” and acknowledged that the White House is denying widely accepted scientific conclusions:

“What was removed was an uncontroversial report of what is currently known and believed about the fact of climate change, its health effects and its likely impacts on the United States.” — Dale Jamieson, director of environmental studies at New York University

All of these [topics] are routinely mentioned in public health coursework across the nation. Each can be found in the pages of leading journals, such as Science and Nature. If anything, they understate the problem.” — Dr. Alan Ducatman, a professor of community medicine at the West Virginia University School of Medicine

“We talk of the politicization of science. In the politicization of this topic — the science wasn’t changed, it was deleted.” — Dr. Linda Rosenstock, dean of the UCLA School of Public Health

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