Bush visit irks some San Diego firefighters.

The San Diego Union Tribune writes that Bush’s visit yesterday annoyed some firefighters because it caused massive traffic jams, preventing them from getting much-needed food and rest:

Residents finally returning to their homes in Rancho Bernardo were stuck in traffic for hours while the presidential motorcade passed through, and delays left firefighters longing for food and showers. […]

Still covered in ashes, firefighters Danny Chandler and Chris Cortright from Mount Laguna waited in the back of a pickup. They could see the showers and the food tent, but the president’s visit kept them and dozens of other firefighters from moving. Chandler had been fighting the fire in Ramona for 24 hours. Cortright had been at it for 48 hours. “I appreciate him being here,” Chandler said, drinking Gatorade as he waited in the sun. “But they could have organized this better. I’d just as soon eat.”