Horowitz: There’s a ‘figurative’ noose ‘over my head.’

Speaking at Columbia University today for the culmination of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, right winger David Horowitz compared the negative reception his campaign has received on campus to the recent incident of a noose being hung on the door of a black professor at Columbia. Horowitz claimed “nooses have been put figuratively on the doors of the College Republicans“:

We’ve had many distractions this semester, and I guess I’m one of them. A recent one was an unfortunate incident of a noose being put on a professor’s door. I think that the campus is right to be concerned about that. But I detect a somewhat of double standard at this university and other’s that I’ve been to, in that nooses have been put figuratively on the doors of the College Republicans here who have invited me. Of course, there’s always a noose over my head by a national hate campaign which has been organized by radical Muslim groups and radical leftist groups.

Watch it:

Apparently for Horowitz, being accused of racism is the equivalent of being the target of racism.