Why Newsbusters hates the new Eagles album.

In a 1731-word diatribe, Newsbusters’ Warner Todd Huston lays into the new album from The Eagles, which is “just one long, sustained attack on the integrity of the United States.” As Swampland’s Ana Marie Cox notes, Huston’s objection isn’t just that The Eagles wrote about global warming; “it’s also what they didn’t write about.” From Huston’s post:

longroad.jpg Not a word about Islamofascists trying to blow us all up, though. Nothing about bin Laddenists cutting off people’s heads, women being stoned, young girls being murdered with “honor killings,” or homosexuals being summarily executed from our pals the Eagles! I guess they have forgotten about 9/11 and our enemies in radical Islam like so many of their ilk.

Huston’s Newsbusters bio says that he is known for his “thoughtful commentary.”

UPDATE: Clear Channel also recently dropped Bruce Springsteen’s new anti-Iraq war album “Magic.”

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