Bolton: Defining torture is ‘torture.’

In an interview on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show yesterday, former UN Ambassador John Bolton complained about the tone of “battles that are going on in Washington” now. As an example, he cited the opposition to Michael Mukasey, who refused to call waterboarding torture. Apparently lacking irony, Bolton then described the confirmation process for Mukasey as a “kind of torture“:

bolton44444.jpg Well, I hope not, because I think one of the consequences of the battles that are going on in Washington now over, for example, the confirmation of Judge Mukasey as the new Attorney General, which I think is now likely to go through, is that people will say I’m not going to serve in the government. I’m not going to put myself and my family through this kind of torture, which is designed to pick people apart and not disagree with them on policy, but just find ways of preventing their nomination from being confirmed.