Right Wing Campaigns To Get Climate Skeptic’s Blog Named ‘Best Science Blog’ In Weblog Awards

scienceblogvote.gifAt 5:00 PM (EST) tonight, voting will close in the fifth annual Weblog Awards, “the world’s largest blog competition.” In the competition, participants are allowed to “vote once every 24 hours in each poll.”

Currently leading the field in the “Best Science Blog” category is a website whose work has gone a long way in furthering anti-scientific interests, the global warming denialist blog Climate Audit.

Climate Audit is run by Stephen McIntyre, a Canadian and “former mining executive” who has become the darling of climate skeptics by challenging the conclusions of Pennsylvania State University climatologist Michael Mann and NASA’s James Hansen.

McIntyre’s criticisms of Mann, which appeared in the non-peer reviewed conservative journal Energy & Environment, have themselves been challenged for “overstat[ing]” their case. Even McIntyre himself has admitted that “the significance of things has been misstated by [Rush] Limbaugh and people like that.”

But the right blogosphere has made Climate Audit’s shot at the Weblog Award a cause celebre and are using postings and “endorsements” to rally their support to push for a skeptic to be named “Best Science Blog”:

Newsbusters: “We encourage voting for Stephen McIntyre’s Climate Audit as Best Science Blog.”

Junk Science: “We’d like to suggest you consider a vote for ClimateAudit.”

Small Dead Animals: “Science blog- Climate Audit of course!!!”

Free Republic: “Please Freep this Poll. Vote for Climate Audit. Fighting Global Warming nonsense.”

Needless to say, McIntyre is pushing for himself to win as well. Kevin at DeSmogBlog is encouraging those who value science to vote for the current second-place contender, Bad Astronomy Blog.

UPDATE: Science Progress has more on why the claims of sites like Climate Audit should not “detract from the overwhelming consensus of scientists” that climate change is real and caused by humans.

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