Black military enlistment drops under Bush.

In the last several years under President Bush, black enlistment in the Army has dropped “by about half.” CBS News reports that this trend is fueled by strong dissatisfaction with Bush’s Iraq policies:

The Department of Defense has studied why black enlistment has plummeted and found many of the people they call “influencers” in the black community – parents, teachers, clergy – feel in general that Bush administration policies have hurt African Americans. And more than any other group, they oppose the war in Iraq. […]

But even here, there are gung-ho Marines troubled by this war. Albert Thames retired as a staff sergeant 30 years ago.

“The war is very unpopular, and it’s going to get worse,” he said. “As long as it’s a volunteer army, I’d tell ’em not to volunteer.”

“A recent CBS News poll showed 83 percent of African-American respondents said the Iraq invasion was a mistake. In addition, the president’s approval rating has hit rock-bottom with black voters at about 9 percent, according to a 2006 Pew Research Center poll.”