POLL: Liberals More Open To Opinions That ‘Reflect Values Other Than Their Own’

foxnewsch.jpg A new poll by the Norman Lear Center and Zogby International finds that liberals are more open to opposing viewpoints than conservatives, who tend to rely on Fox and Fox News for their entertainment and news. Some highlights from their findings:

Conservatives were the most “likely to watch only two channels out of the 24 highest-rated networks: Fox and Fox News.”

— “Fox News wins the prize for the most politically divisive TV channel (70% of conservatives watch it daily and only 3% of liberals).”

— “While 22% of conservatives said they “never” enjoy entertainment that reflects values other than their own, just 7% of liberals felt the same way. … In other words, Limbaugh’s potential audience is larger than that of liberal competitors because more liberals say they will listen to conservatives than vice versa.”

Conservatives think “fictional TV shows and movies are politically biased” and “overwhelmingly (76%) believe that TV shows and movies ‘very often’ contain political messages, but they are the least likely to learn anything about political issues from them. Just 4% say they learn lessons from movies.”

Watching too much Fox News may be bad news for conservatives. An April Pew Research Study survey found that viewers of the conservative Fox News channel had the lowest knowledge of national and international affairs.

A recent AP-Ipsos poll also found that liberals read more books than conservatives do. In the past year, 34 percent of conservatives have not read a book within the past year, compared with just 22 percent of liberals and moderates.

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