Paulose ‘provoked’ staff with National Review comments.

Last Friday, Power Line’s Scott Johnson published a National Review piece defending U.S. attorney Rachel Paulose, who stepped down yesterday. In the article, Paulose says that allegations she used a racial epithet against an employee are “McCarthyite hysteria”:

In her first on the record statement regarding this charge, Paulose states: “I NEVER made any such statement. I have told the department so, and the department is defending me against this outrageous and defamatory lie.”

Paulose adds: “The McCarthyite hysteria that permits the anonymous smearing of any public servant who is now, or ever may have been, a member of the Federalist Society; a person of faith; and/or a conservative (especially a young, conservative woman of color) is truly a disservice to our country.”

According to Paulose’s predecessor, Thomas Heffelfinger, the interview “provoked some of Paulose’s staff.” On the same day as the National Review article, at least “one senior lawyer resigned” from Paulose’s office.

UPDATE: The Minneapolis Star Tribune notes that the Bush administration has been “slow to submit the names of U.S. attorneys for confirmation.” “As of late October, there were 23 acting or interim U.S. attorneys out of 93 districts, according to numbers provided by the Senate panel.”