UN: Iraq still too ‘volatile and unpredictable’:

Recently, many displaced Iraqi refugees have been returning to their homes as levels of violence decline in Iraq. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), however, “does not believe that the time has come to promote, organize or encourage returns,” as security “remains volatile and unpredictable.” The UNHCR uncovered several reasons besides security for the increased returns:

Of some 110 Iraqi families UNHCR spoke with in Syria the majority said they are returning because they are running out of money and/or resources, face difficult living conditions, or because their visas have expired. … The incentives offered by the Iraqi government of some $700-$800 to return home, as well as free bus and plane rides, have also played a role in returns. […]

UNHCR staff also did quick interviews with returnees in Baghdad, who cited economic difficulties caused by their long displacement as a major reason for going home. Many had run out of or nearly depleted their savings. Some returned as it was the last chance to get their children back into Iraqi schools before the end of the first term.