Romney spouted anti-Muslim bigotry previously.

Former Fox News pundit Mansoor Ijaz first revealed Mitt Romney’s anti-Muslim bigotry in a piece in the Christian Science Monitor. But Greg Sargent reports that Romney has uttered his anti-Muslim bigotry previously — at another event in Las Vegas three months ago. Irma Aguirre, a former finance director of the Nevada Republican Party, asked Romney whether he would consider hiring a Muslim adviser. Aguirre reports, “[Romney] said something to the effect of, ‘They’re radicals. There’s no talking to them. There’s no negotiating with them.’ I can’t remember the exact words he used, but that was the explanation. We left thinking, ‘Wow, what a racist comment. He automatically assumed that all Muslims are radical.'”

UPDATE: HuffPost went back to Ijaz and asked him to comment on Romney’s explanation of his bigoted remarks. “This guy is lying now to the American people,” said Ijaz. “He probably never imagined someone would come out and write a piece the way I did. And I think he made a serious mistake in judgment in trying to disown what he said.”