Feingold wants answers on torture from Mukasey.

In light of news that the CIA destroyed tapes documenting the torture of detainees, Sen. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) today wrote to Attorney General Michael Mukasey asking that he detail his views on interrogation. Mukasey repeatedly dodged these questions during his nomination hearings. From his letter:

During the hearing on your nomination to be Attorney General and in your answers to questions submitted for the record, you repeatedly refused to answer questions related to interrogation techniques on the grounds that you had not yet been briefed on the CIA’s interrogation and detention program. I was disappointed with these responses. […]

Nonetheless, now that you have been sworn in as our nation’s Attorney General and presumably have been briefed on the program, I urge you to provide your views on its legality to Congress at the earliest possible date.