Shep Smith: ‘Fox is Bush’s network after all.’

Today on Fox News, host Shepard Smith and co-host Courtney Friel discussed the story of an Icelandic teen who discovered and dialed President Bush’s secret direct phone number. Friel joked, “We of course have President Bush’s number in our blackberries, right.” Smith sarcastically responded, “Yeah, we are his network after all. So we have to have his number.” Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/12/shpehisnetwork.320.240.flv]

The young boy who attempted to call Bush was interrogated by the Secret Service and reportedly warned that he would be put on the no-fly list. His mother notes that her son “has become a bit of a hero in Iceland.” “Bush is very unpopular here,” she said. (HT: Newshounds)

UPDATE: In today’s briefing, Dana Perino denied the boy dialed a secret Bush phone number. “My understanding is that he called the public line that anybody can call, the 1414 number,” she said.