Biden: Does preservation order cover Cheney?

Days after the destruction of the CIA interrogation tapes was publicly revealed, White House Counsel Fred Fielding sent out a notice to “all employees” ordering them to preserve documents and evidence on the matter. Today, Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) wrote to Fielding asking how far the order reaches:

On December 10, 2007, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino stated that you issued a written directive to White House employees to preserve documents related to the destruction of the CIA interrogation tapes. Ms. Perino did not provide a copy of the directive, however, and she was unable to answer questions as to its breadth and scope.

Please confirm that the directive to preserve documents applied to the Executive Office of the President, including the National Security Council, in addition to immediate White House staff. In light of the Office of the Vice President’s record of fatuous arguments that it is not subject to the authority of the President, please also confirm that the directive included the Office of the Vice President and that the Office of the Vice President intends to comply.