Human Events names Rush Limbaugh ‘man of the year.’

Today in an e-mail to its subscribers, the conservative site Human Events announced that it had named Rush Limbaugh its “2007 Man of the Year,” for his “relentless pursuit of truth”:

As a result of orchestrated campaigns against him, Limbaugh has endured boycotts against his advertisers, pressure on his affiliates to drop his program, and even a campaign to keep him off Armed Forces Radio. Against Limbaugh’s iron will and focus on truth, these battles fell flat and Limbaugh’s ratings are stronger than ever. Because his ability to fight mistruths and politically correct lies has only grown stronger, Human Events is proud to have him as their “Man of the Year.”


Human Events specifically cites Limbaugh’s racist “Barack the Magic Negro” song as one of his greatest accomplishments.

UPDATE: At The Corner, K-Lo unsurprisingly approves, calling it “another superior choice to Putin.”

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