Rudy ‘Speak English’ Giuliani Releases Campaign Ad In Spanish

Like many of the other GOP presidential candidates, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani had tried to portray himself as tough on undocumented immigration. One of his favorite applause lines has been to stress English-only policies:

The final end result about becoming a citizen — you should be able to have to read English, write English, and speak English if you want to become a citizen.

Nevertheless, Giuliani wants the votes of Floridians who speak Spanish. Today, he has released a new campaign ad en espa±ol to air on at least three Spanish-language television stations in Miami. At the end of the ad — called Liderazgo (Leadership) — Giuliani says, “Soy Rudy Giuliani y apruebo este mensaje (I’m Rudy Giuliani and I approved this message).” Watch it:

Last fall, the owner of Philadelphia cheesesteak restaurant Geno’s Steaks endorsed Giuliani. Vento became notorious for posting a sign in his restaurant that read: “This is America. When Ordering Please Speak English.” He also once told a reporter that Mexicans carry disease into the United States because they “play and drink out of the same water.”

Giuliani wholeheartedly embraced Vento’s endorsement, posting it on the campaign’s official YouTube site. Giuliani also personally went to Philadelphia and embraced Vento. “Whenever I’m at Geno’s, I order in English,” he told a reporter. From his visit:


Will Vento post a similar sign for Giuliani? “This is America. When Campaigning, Please Speak English.”

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