Ron Paul’s Predictability

A reader emails:

So all these people are wringing their hands about how Ron Paul turns out to have been a racist and homophobe back in tha day — but it really didn’t come as a shock to me at all. It wasn’t like I suspected him of such leanings, having not even heard of the man until this past year, but as soon as I heard that he was a gold standard-bearer, I immediately put him into the conspiracist-loon pile of my brain. And once someone is already an “out” loony, there’s no reason to be surprised by the additional lunacies to which they turn out to subscribe. Anyway, just a thought.

That seems about right to me. I am curious, though, as to how belief in the gold standard went from being a total CW position held against the dangerous radical William Jennings Bryan to its current status as a lunatic fringe notion, a good indicator that you belong in the “conspiracist-loon pile” of the brain.