Zakaria: ‘The war has largely ended.’

In his latest column, Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria claims:

[E]vents on the ground have changed dramatically, and their rhetoric feels increasingly stale. They’re fighting the Iraq War all right, but it’s the wrong one.

The Democrats are having the hardest time with the new reality. Every candidate is committed to “ending the war” and bringing our troops back home. The trouble is, the war has largely ended, and precisely because our troops are in the middle of it.

Zakaria adds, “John McCain deserves credit for supporting the surge.” In response, Matt Yglesias writes: “Ah, those sad, sad, Democrats. So unaware that the war’s over. The dude who killed at least fourteen and wounded seventeen in Tikrit must, like the Democrats, have been wearing partisan blinders when he failed to acknowledge the surge’s success in bringing the war to an end.”