Glenn Beck’s Rants Against ‘Juan McCain’ Would Not Be Welcome At RedState.com

Discussing last night’s GOP debate on his radio show today, Glenn Beck and fill-in host Pat Gray mocked Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) by derisively calling him “Juan McCain.” Beck, who considers McCain’s sponsorship of a comprehensive immigration bill and the Mexican background of his national director of Hispanic outreach to be “an audacious slap in the face to the American people,” proudly advertised the segment in his daily e-mail to listeners today:


During the segment, Beck also commented on a new campaign by the National Council of La Raza that targets him and Lou Dobbs for their rhetoric, which La Raza believes “demonizes immigrants and Hispanic Americans.” Beck suggested that La Raza’s campaign to get him off the air “before the election” may be “connected” to McCain. Listen to the segment:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2008/01/BeckJuanMcCain.320.40.flv]

La Raza isn’t the only group that doesn’t appreciate Beck’s brand of Latino-phobic humor. On the conservative community blog RedState.com today, Leon H. Wolf posted a message to “commenters,” that it is “not fine, okay, or within the bounds of the rules” to “use Latino names as an insult.” Wolf says users will be “banned for doing it” at Red State:

What is not fine, okay, or within the bounds of the rules, is to use Latino names as an insult. We are speaking, specifically, of “Jorge Arbusto” and “Juan McCain,” although it’s certainly possible that others are floating out there or may yet be invented. Allow me to clue anyone who thinks these names are funny or clever in to something: racism isn’t clever or funny. If you think you’ve really zinged someone by calling them by a Latino name, that’s a pretty reliable (nearly infallible, in fact) indicator that you don’t like Latino people.

Since he can’t help showing his “disdain for Latino people,” CNN host Glenn Beck would apparently be banned from posting on one of the top conservative blogs.

UPDATE: On Beck’s CNN Headline News show last night, Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist compared La Raza to the KKK while smearing the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.