McConnell calls Bolton op-ed a ‘gross misrepresentation’

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton penned an op-ed in today’s WSJ claiming that the key judgments in the latest Iran NIE were “distorted,” written by “policy enthusiasts,” and put the “intelligence community’s credibility and impartiality on the line.” Today during a Senate threat assessment hearing, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) asked Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell about Bolton’s assertions. McConnell replied:

MCCONNELL: Sir, I’ll start by saying that the integrity and the professionalism in this NIE is probably the highest in our history in terms of objectivity and quality of the analysis and challenging the assumptions and conducting red teams on the process, conducting a counter intelligence assessment about “were we being misled” and so on. So I would start by saying that the article you refer to is a gross misrepresentation of the professionalism of this community.