Right Wing Anoints Mitt Romney The New ‘Face Of Conservatism’

romneyf.jpg Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney may have dropped out of the GOP presidential race, but the right wing hasn’t given up on him.

Immediately following his resignation speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, Romney met with “50 stalwarts of the political right” about a possible new role: “becoming the face of conservatism.”

The right wing must be in dire straits if it is turning to Romney as its leader, a man best known for his hypocrisy and flip flopping. Apparently though, they are hoping to use these qualities to Romney’s advantage:

Jay Sekulow, a Romney volunteer and chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, told attendees that Mr. Romney is the “turnaround specialist” the conservative movement needs.

“The movement needs someone of Ronald Reagan’s stature and Romney could fill that role,” Mr. Sekulow told The Washington Times yesterday.

Romney has changed positions on immigration, abortion, Iraq withdrawal, his opinions on President Bush, greenhouse gas emissions, and even the Spanish language.

Not all the attendees at the meeting were sold on this “turnaround specialist.” Political strategist Paul Erickson, who worked on Romney’s campaign, admitted, “You could tell everybody at the table sitting with Romney was asking himself: ‘Is he the one?’ Some concluded yes and others could say only that it is too soon to tell.”

Unclear how receptive the American public will be to the new Ronald Reagan of the 21st century, considering the majority of GOP voters rejected him as their nominee for president.

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