‘Ignorant buffoons’ at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

A new book by AMERICAblog’s A.J. Rossmiller, who spent two years as a Defense Intelligence Agency Iraq analyst, paints a picture of the dysfunctional agency. CQ previews the book and some of the right-wing “ignorant buffoons and bullies” working for the Bush administration:

stillbroken4.jpg That would change when Rossmiller, a lowly GS-9, was eventually transferred to the Direct Action team, whose unofficial motto was “track ’em and whack ’em.” There he was an uncomfortable witness to U.S. soldiers screaming in English at Iraqis they’d rounded up. When they didn’t get satisfactory answers — there never seemed to be one — they dispatched their bewildered, hooded and quite possibly innocent captives to the soon-to-be infamous Abu Ghraib prison for interrogation.

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