McCain ‘overstates his criticisms of Rumsfeld.’

On the stump, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has repeatedly bragged about calling for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation as Defense Secretary. “I’m the only one that said that Rumsfeld had to go,” said McCain on Jan. 30. Yet as the Washington Post reports today, that claim isn’t quite true:

The trick is that he never did, at least not publicly. The senator from Arizona was a tough critic of Rumsfeld and more than once said that he had no confidence in the Pentagon chief in the two years before Bush finally dumped Rumsfeld in November 2006. But even as he was criticizing Rumsfeld, McCain typically stopped short of calling for the Pentagon chief to step down. […]

McCain’s false account has been unwittingly incorporated into the narrative he is selling by some news organizations, including The Washington Post.