Despite Broad Coverage Of Global Warming Deniers Conference, Right Wing Slams Media For ‘Ignoring’ It

HeartlandLast night on his CNN Headline News show, Glenn Beck exclaimed that he’d be covering the Heartland Institute’s global warming denier conference “like it was the second coming of Jesus himself.” Beck said his round-the-clock coverage was warranted because the mainstream media would ignore the entire conference:

After all, if this were a traditional gathering of global warming alarmists, the media would be everywhere. But, since it’s full of hundreds of credible, mainstream scientists who happen to disagree with their peers, it’s completely ignored.

Blaming the media for “ignoring” their side is a familiar right-wing trope:

John Fund: All this has led the Western Standard, a Canadian magazine sympathetic to the global warming skeptics, to predict that “the gathering will be completely ignored, even though it’s being held in the news media capital of the world.”

Fox News’ Steve Doocy: But is there another side to this story? Many scientists would say yes, but most media outlets, the mainstream media, only cover Al Gore’s earth has a fever perspective.

Business and Media Institute: Global warming skeptics rarely get any say on the networks…Skepticism is all but shut out of reports through several tactics.

In fact, Heartland’s sham conference has created quite a media stir. The New York Times has published two separate articles on the conference, and the Times’ John Tierney has written about it on his blog.

Other mainstream press outlets that have covered the conference: the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Daily News, the New York Sun, and Reuters.

In fact, getting the media to cover the real science behind climate change is sometimes more of a challenge. As the League of Conservation Voters recently pointed out, the leading Sunday political talk show hosts have dedicated 0.1 percent of their 2,275 questions to global warming.

UPDATE: Despite the above noted press reports, Beck claimed in an e-mail to listeners today that only “one” reporter attended the conference.