Beck: ThinkProgress = ‘liberal hacks.’

On his radio show last week, right-wing pundit Glenn Beck mocked ThinkProgress for noting that he recently asked controversial pastor John Hagee if Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) “might be the Antichrist.” On his CNN Headline News show yesterday, Beck again attacked “liberal hacks who are disguised as journalists” and brought on Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters to go after ThinkProgress. Watch it:

[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2008/03/noel.320.240.flv]

UPDATE: Beck and Sheppard also attacked ThinkProgress’s coverage on Beck’s radio show today.


NOEL SHEPPARD, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, NEWSBUSTERS.ORG: Well, I Googled “Glenn Beck,” “Obama” and “Antichrist,” and I got 744,000 hits. Now, that doesn`t mean that there`s been 744,000 articles already written about this. That`s a little bit nuts.

BECK: Yes.

SHEPPARD: But it is somewhat disturbing to imagine that many Google hits…

BECK: Right.

SHEPPARD: … incorporating your name, Obama and the Antichrist.

BECK: Right.

SHEPPARD: How does it feel to be a bigot? It`s amazing.

BECK: It feels pretty predictable. It feels pretty — I`m used to being a conservative.

SHEPPARD: Well, and the beauty is you did predict it.

BECK: Yes, I know.

SHEPPARD: So that`s what`s wonderful about all of this.

BECK: So you also looked at the word count. And I find this incredibly fascinating. Tell me about the word count.

SHEPPARD: Yes. I mean, basically what happened to you, Glenn, is you got cherry picked. And what that means is the question that you asked Pastor Hagee had a total of 80 words in it.

Well, what Think Progress did is they transcribed 21 words. And what`s interesting is they even missed a couple of important words in the little snippet that they took, if I can share with you.

BECK: Wow. Yes.

SHEPPARD: You had said, “There are people — and they said this about Bill Clinton — that actually believe he might be the Antichrist.”

BECK: Right.

SHEPPARD: Well, they transcribed that as, “There are people — they say about Bill Clinton he might be the Antichrist.”

BECK: Yes. Well…

SHEPPARD: So they took out “that actually believe,” which radically changes the whole context of the joke you were making.

BECK: No. No. Please.