Introducing A New ThinkProgress Blog — The Wonk Room


Today, ThinkProgress is proud to announce the launch of a new sister site — The Wonk Room. The new blog is intended to provide rapid response from a policy perspective as well as in-depth analysis and information. (You’ll now see a tab for The Wonk Room at the top of the page.)

While “the news media is more obsessed than ever with the horse-race aspects of the presidential campaign,” The Wonk Room will keep its focus on the core ideological differences between conservatives and progressives and work to advance the progressive perspective. The Politico reports:

The site – which the center calls “the first-ever public policy rapid response blog of its kind” — is designed to bridge the shrillness of the presidential campaigns and the details of policy choices that will confront the winner.

For more on the mission of The Wonk Room, read this post.

The mission of ThinkProgress — to be a daily real-time source progressive news and information — will not change. The Wonk Room’s work will be complementary to the work of ThinkProgress; it will add depth and build upon the news you read on TP.

So check it out frequently and let us know what you think. And if you have any suggestions for things we should be covering, please let us know.