White House reporters lose interest in Bush.

The Politico reports today that with a “minimalist agenda of an unpopular president,” correspondents on “the White House beat during these lame duck days” have become bored. Many “describe a scene where one might expect tumbleweeds lazily blowing across the finely manicured lawn on Pennsylvania Avenue.” Some reporters explain:

“You can’t attribute it all to the presidential campaign,” said Julie Mason, White House correspondent for the Houston Chronicle. “[Bush’s] rhetoric is so exhausted. He rarely makes any news.” […]

Carl Leubsdorf, Washington bureau chief of the Morning News, said that with the public interested in the campaign, and the fact that “this president’s long passed the point of getting any initiatives enacted,” there’s not a lot of news coming out of presidential day trips.

The report added that the current Bush fatigue “outranks the waning days of the Clinton administration.”