Activists stage rally against Sally Kern.

Gay and lesbian activists staged a rally yesterday against Sally Kern, the Oklahoma state representative who said gays are a “bigger threat” to our nation than terrorism and would be the “death knell” of this country. Kern has “vowed not to apologize for her remarks,” and she avoided the rally of about 300 people at the state Capitol yesterday. Kern told an Oklahoma paper that she will use “different analogies” next time:

“The message of my speech would not change,” she said. “I might use different analogies.

“Just the fact that you’re talking about an agenda that someone has does not mean that you hate them,” Kern said.

Robin Meyers, senior minister at Mayflower Congregational Church in Oklahoma City, said Kern’s homophobic comments are a “national embarrassment for Oklahoma.” “It is frightening to me that Sally Kern is an elected official doing the people’s business,” he said.