Wallace backs down on Fox and Friends disagreement.

Last week, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace appeared on Fox and Friends and took the hosts “to task” for their “two hours of Obama bashing.” He criticized their coverage as “excessive” and “somewhat distorting.” Now, however, Wallace says that looking back, he went too far:

“I didn’t have any second thoughts about the substance because I still believe what I said was right,” said Mr. Wallace. “But after the fact, you do think to yourself–on a professional level with colleagues I very much like and respect–should I have done that off camera?”

“It’s a close call,” said Mr. Wallace. “I’m not sure I’d do it again.”

Wallace also revealed that a Fox News executive sent him an e-mail after his Fox and Friends appearance to say, “isn’t this the kind of thing we should be talking about off camera, not on camera?”