Wal-Mart bows to pressure, does the right thing.

Wal-Mart Watch reports, “After years of hounding Debbie Shank and her family, Wal-Mart says it will finally do the right thing.” The Shank family, about whom ThinkProgress reported on earlier today, will be allowed to keep the money they won from the trucking company responsible for Debbie’s injuries. Jim Shank released this statement:

I am grateful that Wal-Mart has seen their error and decided to rectify it. I just wish it hadn’t taken them so long, this never should have happened. I sincerely hope no other family ever has to go through this.

My thanks go first and foremost to my lord and savior Jesus Christ for the strength to bear up under all this. Thanks also to the citizens of the United States – it wasn’t me who made this happen, it was the outcry of the people, and if there’s a lesson in this story it’s that ‘we the people’ still means something.