Bush prematurely cuts off press conference.

Today, President Bush held a press conference in Romania with the country’s president, Traian Basescu. The AP notes that typically, “as a matter of courtesy and protocol, the host decides when such an event is over. But Bush has been known to ignore that practice.” Today, Bush “figured the question-and-answer session was done” and “strolled over to Basescu and asked if he was ready to take a walk by the water.” Basescu “politely” finished the press conference, however, and Bush had to head “back to his podium” until the event was over:

BUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Oh, you want to go over here?

BASESCU: Just a moment.

BUSH: Oh, you got —

BASESCU: Just a moment.

BUSH: He’s not through.

BASESCU: The information I would like to add to refer to two delicate issues, issues that are visible for the Romanian public. …

After the event was really over, the two men strolled by the water.