Feith: Only ‘assholes’ are concerned about torture.

In his new Vanity Fair piece on torture, international lawyer Philippe Sands interviews former Pentagon official Doug Feith, who “played a major role in developing the interrogation policy for Guantanamo Bay.” Feith tells Sands that he shouldn’t be concerned with torture and America’s “moral authority,” because then he is “siding with the assholes“:

“This year I was really a player,” Feith said, thinking back on 2002 and relishing the memory. I asked him whether, in the end, he was at all concerned that the Geneva decision might have diminished America’s moral authority. He was not. “The problem with moral authority,” he said, was “people who should know better, like yourself, siding with the assholes, to put it crudely.”

Does Feith therefore think Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is an “asshole”?