Rove’s attorney says Rove would testify if subpoenaed in Siegelman case.

Last night on 60 Minutes, former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman said the congressional Judiciary committees should call on Karl Rove to testify about his case. Tonight, Rove’s attorney Robert Luskin said Rove will testify if subpoenaed by Congress. MSNBC’s Dan Abrams reported:

ABRAMS: We asked this question to his attorney: Will Karl Rove agree to testify if Congress issues a subpoena to him as part of an investigation into the Siegelman case? The answer we got — “Sure.”

Watch it:

Abrams noted Karl Rove refused to testify when subpoenaed by Congress in the U.S. Attorney scandal, but appears willing to do so in this case. Siegelman responded, “Well, then let’s don’t waste any time. I think the House and Senate Judiciary Committees should subpoena Karl Rove.” Asked if he was surprised by Rove’s pledge, Siegelman said, “I’ll be surprised if he does” testify.

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